Development of medicines and parapharmaceuticals based on regulatory peptides



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The company is engaged in research and production of fundamentally new medical and parapharmaceutical products.


The company's activity is based on innovative approaches to the preservation of human health and youth.

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The company specializes in the development of drugs on a full cycle basis: from the synthesis of molecules to the development of a ready-made dosage form.


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Conference "25 years of IBG"

We invite you to take part in the scientific and practical conference "Innovative Russian Technologies in Gerontology and Geriatrics"


2 new RX in the clinical phase

The development of the sublingual method of delivery of peptide complexes led to ...

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We actively share our expertise in pressing issues of biotechnology, participating in major international conferences and congresses, attracting the attention of foreign experts, which contributes to the creation of new directions in the global biotechnology sector.

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Current trends in the industrial production of peptide substances for the pharmaceutical industry consist in the balanced use of methods of synthesis in solution and in the solid phase, as well as the increasing use of enzymatic methods and methods of biotechnology.

Our company has solved this task of fractionation of such systems by using modern polymeric materials - track membranes and domestically produced domestically produced ion exchangers with an adjustable nanostructure.

An essential advantage of the developed molecular nanotechnology is the elimination of organic solvents from the technological scheme, which corresponds to the ecological requirements for new chemical technologies.

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